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that was cute... i liked it

this was such a cute little pass-time and i really enjoyed exploring the different endings. the death was by far the most chaotic and was a personal favourite. i giggled throughout the whole thing. thank you 

This is immensely sinister, I like it! My only issue was that moving the cursor was a bit of a chore. All around, a really cool game!

I'm sorry, the cursor interface is way too jerky and slow for me and I feel playing this would be a chore. I would be happy to try it if that was fixed.

I really loved this! Its really cool to see all the endings and possibilitys!

i cant download it

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I loved the gameplay it's just, every card turns out to be a bad ending. For once, I wish there was a good card. But, good game

Thank you! I wanted the player to feel like something bad was going to happen and they have no control over it to intensify the psychological horror, I guess it is quite negative though haha I’ll try and make my next games more positive!

You're welcome jaybaus

Love the  interface! Also really liked how it all got messed with throughout the playthroughs. Interested to see what else you make in the future!

Thank you, pleased you liked it!

love it cool concept

Thanks! :)

Cool concept. The tarot cards did not match up with their traditional meanings in the slightest. There is only one card that is inherently bad: tower. Death implies a permanent change.

If it weren;t so obvious after the first playthrough, I;d be recommending it to ppl. Still interesting though.

Thanks for the feedback :) I'll be honest and say I don't know a lot about tarot cards haha I was just taking them at face value and coming up with scary scenarios based on that, it's good to know that for future though!

There are a lot of sources you could use, because most of them are pretty misleading at face value. Google "major arcana" and you'll be able to find the meanings for all the important tarot cards.

Great experience!!! I really enjoyed! 

Good work!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

this was really cool! the first time i played i got death and for a second i thought that every card would have death because spooOOOoooOoOOoOoOooooky but it was actually a really cool + original concept! :D

Thank you, I was tempted to do that initially and just make one really polished one but I went with the variety in the end :)

Like the game, was a bit short though. Nice way to use tarot cards!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm still really new to Bitsy so hopefully my games will get longer as I get more familiar with it :)

aaahhh so  cool


Thanks, glad you liked it!

i loved all the different paths, particularly the twist. a very devious idea for a virus!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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I love this idea. I know about sound design, if you want to pair up. I can imagine this as a large game with similar story, but of course more drawn-out to be more entertaining. Your graphics are perfect and all you need is a storyboard and spoopy noises.

Thank you, yeah I made it in a really short space of time (about 3 or 4 evenings) so there's potential to increase the scope of it. I've had a look at your SoundCloud profile and I really like your music and sound design so would definitely be interested in pairing up and hearing your thoughts!

Great! Let me know if you ever need my help, I don't want money or anything. Being a part of something is all I need.

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This is a really nice game and I enjoyed it. Hoping to see more games from you haha

Thank you, that’s such nice feedback! Pleased you liked it :)

You're welcome buddy haha

Nice one! I like the interface you created for the computer! good job

Thank you so much, glad you liked it!